My Journey Discovering Frank Little

Every family has secrets tucked away from prying eyes and curious hearts. In my family we have a ghost, hidden away for almost a century. My parents called this black sheep of the family, who was hanged ignominiously from a railroad trestle, “the socialist.” I would pause to eavesdrop when the subject of my great-granduncle Frank H. Little arose, which it invariably did when we had relatives visiting. My parents would get out an ancient cardboard box of photos, and everyone would tell stories about the faces they saw. Although he was almost always mentioned, Frank’s likeness was not included in the box.  I wanted to know why.  This quest would take me seven years.

Frank Little and the IWW :
The Blood That Stained an
American Family

University of Oklahoma Press, 2017

This Solidarity cartoon was part of a DBQ [document based question] in my son's AP US History class.  I pointed out to him that the victim was his uncle.  The caption read "Just tell them he was a traitor."