August 1, 2017, 10:00 A. M.  Butte, MT.  Graveside Memorial at Mountain View Cemetery, followed by a wreath-laying at the site of Frank Little's murder, and a picnic. Contact Charles Copeland, Branch Delegate, Missoula IWW, 406.529.6404,

July 31, 2017  7:00 P. M., Butte, MT.  Book reading and signing, William A. Clark Chateau,  Butte Labor History Center/Butte-Silver Bow Archives/Clark Chateau. Contact Kim Kohn 406.782.3280,,  

October 7-8, 2017  Dallas, TX.  Lone Star Book Festival, Main Street Gardens in downtown Dallas, Main St., DEAR Texas, Inc., Contact 512.554.9560,,,

January 10, 2018, 12:00 P. M., Book Reading and Presentation at the Wimberley Village Library, 400 FM2325, Wimberley, TX.  Contact Sarah Davis at 512.847.2188.  

NEW EVENT! March 10, 2018, 4:00 P. M., Tucson, AZ. Tucson Festival of Books, Panel Discussion and Book Signing, Special Collections Room (Grid), University of Arizona Campus,

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Author Jane Little Botkin, great-grandniece of Frank H. Little, labor organizer. 

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Frank Little and the IWW :

The Blood That Stained an

American Family

​University of Oklahoma Press, 2017

September 29, 2017, 2:30 P. M., Missoula, MT.  Panel Discussion on historical research, Fact & Fiction Bookstore, 220 N Higgins Ave, Missoula, MT.. Contact Montana Book Festival, c/o Arts Missoula, 327 E. Broadway, Missoula, Montana 59802,,

May 4, 2017  7:00 P. M. (CT) DEAR TEXAS RADIO, Interview, DEAR Texas, Inc.  To listen to the recording, click

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September 29, 2017, 1:00 P.M., Missoula, MT.  Book Talk, Reading and Signing, Fact & Fiction Bookstore, 220 N. Higgins Street, Missoula, MT. Contact Montana Book Festival, c/o Arts Missoula, 327 E. Broadway, Missoula, Montana 59802,,

"The life and family legacy of a tireless labor organizer"

Franklin Henry Little (1878–1917), an organizer for the Western Federation of Miners and the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), fought in some of the early twentieth century’s most contentious labor and free-speech struggles. Following his lynching in Butte, Montana, his life and legacy became shrouded in tragedy and family secrets. In her new non-fiction Frank Little and the IWW, author Jane Little Botkin chronicles her great-granduncle’s fascinating life and reveals its connections to the history of American labor and the first Red Scare.

Beginning with Little’s childhood in Missouri and territorial Oklahoma, Botkin recounts his evolution as a renowned organizer and agitator on behalf of workers in corporate agriculture, oil, logging, and mining. Frank Little traveled the West and Midwest to gather workers beneath the banner of the Wobblies (as IWW members were known), making soapbox speeches on city street corners, organizing strikes, and writing polemics against unfair labor practices. His brother and sister-in-law also joined the fight for labor, but it was Frank who led the charge—and who was regularly threatened, incarcerated, and assaulted for his efforts. In his final battles in Arizona and Montana, Botkin shows, Little and the IWW leadership faced their strongest opponent yet as powerful copper magnates countered union efforts with deep-laid networks of spies and gunmen, an antilabor press, and local vigilantes.

For a time, Frank Little’s murder became a rallying cry for the IWW. But after the United States entered the Great War, and Congress passed the 1918 Sedition Act to ensure support for the war effort, many politicians and corporations used the act to target labor “radicals,” squelch dissent, and inspire vigilantism. Like other wage-working families smeared with the traitor label, the Little family endured raids, arrests, and indictments in IWW trials.

Having scoured the West for firsthand sources in family, library, and museum collections, Botkin melds the personal narrative of an American family with the story of the labor movements that once shook the nation to its core. In doing so, she throws into sharp relief the lingering consequences of political repression.

July 8, 2017  TBA  Bisbee, AZBook reading and Signing, Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum, 5 Copper Queen Plaza. Contact Carrie Gustavson 520.432.7071,

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It takes courage to steer one’s course through a storm of abuse and ignominy.  . . .a cripple, Frank Little, a member of the executive board of the IWW, was forced out of bed at three o'clock in the morning by masked citizens, dragged behind an automobile and hanged on a railroad trestle."  Helen Keller, 1918

September 28, 2017, 6:30 PM, Helena, MT.  Book presentation and Signing, Montana Historical Society, 225 North Roberts,  Helena, MT.  Contact 406-444-2694,  NEW!  Watch this presentation at


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October 7, 2017, 1:00 P. M.   Dallas, TX. Book Reading, Main Street Gardens - Downtown Dallas.

June 24, 1017  3:00-4:30, Alice, CO. Book reading and signing, ​Old Alice Schoolhouse, Alice Historical Society, Contact Jacquie Zegan, 303.519.0555,,

September 21, 2017, 6:00 P. M., Dripping Springs, TX.  Book Talk, Reading, and Signing, Dripping Springs Community Library, Contact Marcia Atilano 512.858.7825,,

August 1, 2017, 7:00 P. M., Butte MT, Music Memorial of Frank Little,  Carpenters' Union Hall, Butte, MT, 156 West Granite, Butte, MT. Mark Ross Performing, Books available for Signing. Free and Open to the Public. Hosted by the SW Central Montana Labor Council  

May 18, 2017, 7:00 P. M., Dripping Springs, TX City Hall, Thirsty Thursday. Author Spotlight with Reading, All Welcome, Free and/or Bring an item for the Food Pantry

October 5, 2017, 6:30 P. M., Denton, TX.  Book talk, Reading, and Signing as Part of the Educational Series, Lucy Parsons Study Club, Aura Coffee, 1306 West Hickory Street, Denton, TX.  Contact 940.489.2176,, North Texas IWW (Denton).